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Log Milling

Weiss Sawmilling Operated 2 Lucas mills one model 10-13 and one model 8-27 with all the available attachments, this means we can mill your logs onsite into any size shape and length you require including, Posts, Beams, Joists, Bearers, Decking, Screening, Rails, Weatherboards and much more.

Our experianced operators will bring a mobile sawmill out to your property where the logs are situated and mill them onsite into high qulaity sawn timber that you will be able to use for just about any construction or hobby project you desire.


Normally we will move the logs into position by hand with cant hooks and crowbars or a winch, we are able to move logs over 4 ton into the mill, if for some reason we cannot move the log we can simply set up the portable sawmill over the log and cut it where it lays. On larger jobs or jobs where the logs need snigging to a suitable location we have a bobcat and 4wd tractor that we can arange to bring onsite to assist with setup. we are proud to say we have never met a log we couldn't cut.


Remilling recycled timber is a brezee with our portable sawmills we can cut threw even the oldest hardest timbers with eaze. Hear at Weiss Sawmilling we are able to remill, resize, skim and clean any recyled timbers including railway sleepers and bridge gurders providing they have been denailed and washed.   


We are also able to perform a range of customizing services to both new and recycled timbers including End docking, Notching, Morticing, Chamfering and groving, if its made of timber we can make it look exactly how you want. 


Slab and bench top leveling service is also available however this is not a mobile service, we can skim down a warped slab or skim a benchtop to show a fresh service. 

Mobile Sawmlling


Our experianced operators will bring a mobile sawmill out to your property where the logs are situated and slab them onsite into high value timber slabs for you to use for tables and bars or to onsell to someone to make there dream peice from.


our Lucas Mill slabbing attachment allows us to cut slabs up to 1.5m wide and 8m long from logs of any shape or species.